Our Prices


B1    200mm x 250mm  (air vents)            @  R 230.00 ea

​B2    350mm x 600mm                                @  R 380.00 ea

​B3    600mm x 600mm                                @  R 450.00 ea

​B4    600mm x 900mm                                @  R 500.00 ea

​B5    600mm x 1200mm                               @  R 590.00 ea

B6    1200mm x 1200mm  (NEW SIZE)        @  R 950.00 ea

B7    1200mm x 1500mm  (NEW SIZE)        @  R 990.00 ea

​B10  900mm x 1200mm                                @  R 790.00 ea

B16  600mm x 1500mm                                @  R 790.00 ea

​B24  DOOR SCREENS 2100mm x 900mm   @  R 300.00 ea

​​​Prices do not include delivery charges.

Delivery charges depend on how many kits are required

and can be from R200 – R230 for the courier fee

All Prices Are Vat Inclusive. 

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